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All of our Thera-band Resistance bands are made of top quality latex that can be stretched up to 300%. Therabands come in a wide range of strengths. Lighter resistance bands are excellent for rehabilitation after injury whilst the higher resistance bands provide heavy duty resistance for maximum resistance training.

The Exericse Tubing and Resistance Loops are calibrated to ensure that the same colours provide the same level of resistance. The loops come in packs of 10 and when measured flat, have 3 different lengths 8'' 12'' or 18''. The tubings come in 1.2m lengths

Resistance Bands For Sale: Strengths

Thera-Band's range of resistance bands, loops and resistance tubings provide both positive and negative force on the muscles, improving strength, range of motion and cooperation of muscle groups. Put simply, Thera-bands make the best tubing, loops and resistance bands for sale in the UK and we sell them at the best price.

Below is a guide for what each of the Theraband resistance band colours means. The resistance tubing and loops are calibrated to match the resistance band levels, so a blue resistance band provides the same resistance as a blue tube and a blue loop. (NB. The Gold Theraband colour is only available as a flat band. The heighest resistance in the tubing is silver and in the loops it is black).

Yellow Thera-Band

The yellow Theraband is the lightest of the resistance bands for sale. It offers approx. 4 pounds of force when elongated to 150% of its original length (eg a 1m resistance band pulled to 2.5m). It is ideal for rehabilitation exercises after injury or surgery. For example, if you have a shoulder problem you may want to use a yellow Theraband to do rotator cuff exercises or frozen shoulder exercises.

Red and Green Thera-Bands

Red and green Therabands provide medium and heavy resistance band training (5 and 6.5 pounds at 150% stretch respectively). Resistance band exercises with these Therabands allow you to work on areas like your hips and knees where you may want a bit more resistance.

Blue and Black Thera-Bands

Blue and Black Therabands provide increasing levels of resistance (9 and 12.5 pounds at 150% stretch respectively) Blue Therabands are the heavy resistance bands and Black Therabands are the Special Heavy resistance bands. These two therabands are our most popular resistance bands for sale amongst people who regularly workout or who are ready for the final stages of their rehabilitation programmes.

Silver Thera-Band

The Silver Theraband is second only to the gold in the level of resistance it provides (17 pounds at 150% stretch) Also known as the super heavy Theraband, you will definitely feel the jump up in resistance level from the black theraband. This is definitely one to keep in reserve for when you are in the mood for a tougher workout.

Gold Thera-Bands

The Gold Thera-band is the highest strength resistance band made by Thera-Band today. It provides a massive 27.5 pounds of resistance at 150% stretch. (This is such a massive force, that gold Therabands are the material of choice for people making slingshots.) The Theraband gold flat bands are as tough as they get, so if you are looking for the ultimate workout, you will not find more heavy duty resistance bands for sale on the market today. Gold Therabands are also called the "Max" resistance bands, enough said!

Thera-Band Multi Packs

Therabands are designed as a progressive system of resistance Bands Exercises. This means that once you can can comfortably complete 3 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions you should move on to the next colour. We have fantastic discounts when you purchase our multipacks of four and five Therabands, so you won't find better value quality resistance bands for sale in the uk.


Instructional videos coming soon

Lots of people have told us that it would be really useful to have some demonstration videos on how to use resistance bands and tubing. Over the coming months we will be adding videos and we would really like your feedback on how helpful you find them and what else you would like to see being demonstrated.  ...more
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